Florent's Guide To The

Tropical Pacific Reefs

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Abbott's moray eel [Stout Moray Eel]
Abbreviated Rock Crab [Green Flat Rock Crab]
Acanthastrea lordhowensis
Achilles Tang
Acropora subulata
Adhesive Sea Anemone
African Coris [Yellowtail Coris]
Agile Chromis
Algae Shrimp [Hairy Shrimp]
Aliaporcellana spongicola
Alligator Pipefish [Double-Ended Pipefish]
Almaco Jack
Alpheus sp. 1
Amber Fish [Giant Sea Cucumber]
Ambon Crinoid Shrimp
Ambon Damselfish
Ambon Scorpionfish
Ambon Toby
Ambon chromis
Ambon pufferfish [Ambon Toby]
Anchor Coral
Anchor Tuskfish
Anker's Whip Coral Shrimp
Anna's Chromodoris
Anne's Phyllidiopsis
Annella mollis
Antler Coral
Antonietta sp. 1
Arc-Eye Hawkfish
Ardeadoris poliahu
Argus Grouper [Peacock Grouper]
Armina sp. 1
Arrowhead Crab
Arrowhead Soapfish
Atoll Butterflyfish
Atriolum robustum
Baba's Crinoid Squat Lobster
Banana Nudibranch
Banana fusilier [Ruddy Fusilier]
Banded Blanquillo
Banded Bonnet
Banded Boxer Shrimp [Banded Coral Shrimp]
Banded Brittle Star
Banded Coral Shrimp
Banded Garden Eel
Banded Goby
Banded Humbug [Whitetail Dascyllus]
Banded Moray [Yellow-Headed Moray Eel]
Banded Pipefish [Ringed Pipefish]
Banded Sea Krait
Banded Sole
Banded Spiny Lobster
Banded Tozeuma Shrimp [Saw-Blade Shrimp]
Banded Urchin
Bandfin Cardinalfish
Bandtail Frogfish
Banggai Cardinalfish
Bantayan Butterflyfish [Panda Butterflyfish]
Barber-Pole Shrimp [Banded Coral Shrimp]
Barcheek Trevally
Barchin Scorpionfish
Barenape Goby [Twospot Sandgoby]
Barnes Garden Eel
Barred Filefish [Yelloweye Filefish]
Barred Moray Eel
Barred Shrimpgoby
Barred Soapfish [Doublebanded Soapfish]
Barred Thicklip
Barredfin Moray Eel
Barrel Sponge
Barrel Sponge Ghostgoby
Bartel's Dragonet
Bat Volute
Batangas Halgerda
Batu coris
Bayer's Thuridilla
Beaked Leatherjacket [Longnose Filefish]
Bear Paw Clam [Hippopus Clam]
Bearded Ghoul [Spiny Devilfish]
Bearded Soapfish
Bearded Thorny Oyster
Beautiful Feather Star
Beautiful Goby
Beautiful Hermit Crab
Beautiful Risbecia
Behn's Damsel [Black-and-Gold Damselfish]
Bell's Sea Urchin
Belted Wrasse
Bennett's Butterflyfish [Eclipse Butterflyfish]
Bennett's Feather Star
Bennett's Sharpnose Puffer [Whitebelly Toby]
Berry's Bobtail Squid
Bicolor Chromis
Bicolor Cleaner Wrasse
Bicolor Flabellina
Bicolor angelfish
Bicolour fangblenny
Big Longnose Butterflyfish
Big-Plated Sea Star [Granulated Sea Star]
Bigeye Barracuda
Bigeye Emperor [Humpnose Bigeye Bream]
Bigfin Reef Squid
Bignose Unicornfish
Bigscale Soldierfish
Biocellate Wrasse [Red-Lined Wrasse]
Bird's Nest Coral [Needle Coral]
Birdbeak Burrfish [Orbicular Burrfish]
Bispira sp. 1
Biting Blenny [Gosline's Fangblenny]
Black Anemonefish [Red And Black Anemonefish]
Black Banded Demoiselle [Black-Banded Damselfish]
Black Clown [Clark's Anemonefish]
Black Durgon
Black Jack
Black Knobby Sea Cucumber [Greenfish Sea Cucumber]
Black Longspine Urchin
Black Sea Cucumber
Black Sun Coral
Black Surgeonfish [Hawaiian Bristletooth]
Black Triggerfish [Black Durgon]
Black Velutinid
Black and White Damselfish [Whitetail Dascyllus]
Black-Backed Butterflyfish
Black-Banded Damselfish
Black-Banded Snapper
Black-Blotch Tuskfish [Blacksaddle Tuskfish]
Black-Blotched Porcupinefish
Black-Finned Snake Eel
Black-Ray Shrimpgoby
Black-Saddled Toby
Black-Spot Angelfish
Black-Spotted Porcupinefish [Porcupinefish]
Black-Tip Sole [Banded Sole]
Black-and-Gold Chromis [Black-and-Gold Damselfish]
Black-and-Gold Damselfish
Blackback Butterflyfish [Black-Backed Butterflyfish]
Blackbar Damselfish
Blackbar Devil [Blackbar Damselfish]
Blackbar Triggerfish [Picasso Triggerfish]
Blackbelly Dwarfgoby [Neon Dwarfgoby]
Blackbelly Triggerfish [Blackpatch Triggerfish]
Blackbelt Hogfish
Blackbelted Cardinalfish [Girdled Cardinalfish]
Blackblotch Butterflyfish [Saddled Butterflyfish]
Blackeye Thicklip
Blackfin Barracuda
Blackfin Dartfish [Twotone Dartfish]
Blackfin Sandperch
Blackfin Squirrelfish
Blackheaded Filefish
Blacklip Butterflyfish
Blackmargined Damselfish
Blackmouth Damsel [Black-and-Gold Damselfish]
Blackpatch Triggerfish
Blacksaddle Filefish [Mimic Filefish]
Blacksaddle Mimic [Mimic Filefish]
Blacksaddle Tuskfish
Blackside Hawkfish [Freckled Hawkfish]
Blackspot Sergeant
Blackspotted Moray [Laced moray Eel]
Blackspotted Puffer
Blackspotted Sea Cucumber [Graeffe's Sea Cucumber]
Blackspotted Wrasse [Leopard Wrasse]
Blackstreak Surgeonfish
Blackstripe Cardinalfish
Blackstripe Coris [Yellowstripe Coris]
Blackstriped Angelfish
Blacktail Snapper
Blacktail Wrasse [Whitespotted Wrasse]
Blacktip Grouper
Bleeker's Parrotfish
Blood-Spotted Crab [Spotted Reef Crab]
Blotched Foxface Rabbitfish [Onespot Rabbitfish]
Blotched Moray Eel
Blotched Sandgoby
Blotcheye Soldierfish [Bigscale Soldierfish]
Blue Ascidian
Blue Bell Sea Squirt
Blue Boxer Shrimp
Blue Club Tunicate
Blue Damselfish
Blue Dragon Nudibranch
Blue Linckia
Blue Lined Squirrelfish
Blue Palm Coral [Stalked Sea Squirt]
Blue Sea Chub [Topsail Chub]
Blue Sea Squirt
Blue Sea Star [Blue Linckia]
Blue Swimming Crab
Blue and Gold Fusilier [Scissortail Fusilier]
Blue and Yellow Fusilier
Blue-Axil Chromis
Blue-Banded Sea Krait [Blue-Lipped Sea krait]
Blue-Barred Parrotfish
Blue-Black Urchin
Blue-Eye Damselfish
Blue-Eyed Coral Crab
Blue-Eyed Rock Crab
Blue-Lined Surgeonfish
Blue-Lipped Sea krait
Blue-Ringed Octopus
Blue-Spot Butterflyfish
Blue-Spotted Puffer
Blue-Spotted Spinefoot [Coral Rabbitfish]
Blue-Spotted Stingray
Blue-speckled Shrimpgoby
Blue-spotted Grouper [Peacock Grouper]
Blueband Goby [Bluestreak Goby]
Bluefaced Angelfish [Yellow-Mask Angelfish]
Bluefin Trevally
Bluegirdled Angelfish
Bluelashed Butterflyfish [Eclipse Butterflyfish]
Bluelined Rabbitfish [Masked Rabbitfish]
Bluelined Spinefoot [Masked Rabbitfish]
Bluelipped Bristletooth
Blueside Wrasse [Bluesided Fairy Wrasse]
Bluesided Fairy Wrasse
Bluespine Unicornfish
Bluespot Butterflyfish [Blue-Spot Butterflyfish]
Bluespot Damselfish
Bluespot Demoiselle [Bluespot Damselfish]
Bluespotted Cornetfish
Bluespotted Grouper
Bluespotted Hind [Bluespotted Grouper]
Bluespotted Ribbontail Ray
Bluestreak Cleaner Wrasse
Bluestreak Fusilier
Bluestreak Goby
Bluestripe Butterflyfish
Bluestripe Snapper
Bluestripe Squirrelfish [Blue Lined Squirrelfish]
Bluestriped Fangblenny
Blunt Slipper Lobster
Blunt-head Parrotfish [Steephead Parrotfish]
Bobbit Worm
Boomerang Triggerfish [Scythe Triggerfish]
Bottlenose Dolphin
Brassy Chub
Brick Soldierfish
Bridled Monocle Bream
Bridled Triggerfish
Broad-Banded Shrimpgoby
Broadbarred Firefish [Spotfin Lionfish]
Broadclub Cuttlefish
Brock's Moridilla
Bronze Reef Chromis [Agile Chromis]
Brown Curryfish Sea Cucumber
Brown Margin Glossodoris [White-Margin Nudibranch]
Brown Slipper Lobster [Sculptured Slipper Lobster]
Brown Surgeonfish
Brown-Lined Paperbubble
Brown-Marbled Grouper
Brown-banded Pipefish
Brown-spotted Sea Cucumber [Elephant Trunkfish]
Brushtail Tang
Bubble Algae [Sea Pearl]
Bubble Coral
Bubble Coral Shrimp
Bubble Tip Anemone [Bulb-tentacle sea anemone]
Bulb-tentacle sea anemone
Bull Shark
Bullethead Parrotfish
Bullock's Hypselodoris
Bumphead Parrotfish [Green Humphead Parrotfish]
Bumpy Mexichromis
Burrowing Brittle Stars
Burrowing Sea Cucumber [Magnum Sea Cucumber]
Bus Stop Chromodoris
Button Coral
Cake's Urchin [Collector Urchin]
Calf Cowry [Pacific Deer Cowry]
California Horseshoe Worm
Camouflage Grouper
Canary Wrasse
Candy Crab [Soft Coral Crab]
Candy Striped Goby [Candycane Pygmygoby]
Candycane Goby [Candycane Pygmygoby]
Candycane Pygmygoby
Caprella spp.
Carlsonhoff's Phyllidia
Carolines Parrotfish [Stareye Parrotfish]
Carpet Sole
Cat's Eye Coral [Button Coral]
Cauliflower Coral
Celebes Wrasse
Chalinula nematifera
Chamberlain's Nembrotha
Channeled Tun
Charybdis sp. 1
Checkerboard Wrasse
Checkered Snapper
Checkered-Eye Mantis [Ciliated Mantis Shrimp]
Cheeklined Wrasse
Chevroned Butterflyfish
Chinese Trumpetfish [Pacific Trumpetfish]
Chinstrap Wrasse [Disappearing Wrasse]
Chiseltooth Wrasse
Chocolate Chip Sea Star
Chocolate Clownfish [Clark's Anemonefish]
Chocolate Dip Chromis [Hawaiian Bicolor Chromis]
Chocolate Spotted Auger [Subulate auger]
Chocolate Surgeonfish [Mimic Surgeonfish]
Christmas Wrasse [Ladder Wrasse]
Cigar Wrasse
Ciliated False Squilla [Ciliated Mantis Shrimp]
Ciliated Mantis Shrimp
Circular Spadefish
Citron Butterflyfish [Speckled Butterflyfish]
Cladopsammia gracilis
Clark's Anemonefish
Clavelina fusca
Clavelina robusta
Clear Cleaner Shrimp
Clear Sundial
Clearfin Lionfish
Clearfin Lizardfish
Clearfin Turkeyfish [Clearfin Lionfish]
Clown Frogfish [Warty Frogfish]
Clown Sweetlips [Many-Spotted Sweetlips]
Clown Triggerfish
Co's Chromodoris
Coastal Manta Ray [Reef Manta Ray]
Cockatoo Flounder
Cockatoo Waspfish
Cockerel Wrasse
Cockscomb Oyster
Coconut Octopus
Coeloplana astericola
Coeloplana meteoris
Coleman Shrimp
Coleman's Chromodoris
Collector Urchin
Colorful Hypselodoris
Comical Coralblenny
Commerson's Frogfish [Giant Frogfish]
Common Egg Cowry
Common Feather Duster Worm
Common Ghostgoby
Common Lettuce Coral
Common Lionfish
Common Mantis Shrimp [Ciliated Mantis Shrimp]
Common Mushroom Coral
Common Parrotfish [Palenose Parrotfish]
Common Razor Coral
Common Seahorse
Common Wire Coral
Compressed Toby [Fingerprint Toby]
Convex Crab
Convict Tang
Coral Grouper
Coral Hawkfish [Pixy Hawkfish]
Coral Hogfish [Blackbelt Hogfish]
Coral Rabbitfish
Coral Residing Hermit Crab
Cottonmouth Jack [Whitetongue Jack]
Cowtail Stingray
Creamy Chromodoris
Crescent Wrasse [Moon Wrasse]
Crescent-Tail Bigeye
Crested Nembrotha
Crevice Feather Star
Crinoid Cuttlefish
Crocodile Flathead
Crocus Giant Clam
Crosshatch Butterflyfish
Crown Squirrelfish
Crowned Coral Crab
Crowned Puffer [Hawaiian Crown Toby]
Cryptic Sponge Shrimp
Cryptic Wrasse
Crystalline Sea Star Snail
Ctenactis albitentaculata
Ctenactis echinata
Cuapetes sp. 1
Dancing Shrimp
Dark Knee Hermit Crab
Dark Margin Glossodoris
Dark Red-Spined Brittle Star
Dark Surgeonfish
Darkfin Chromis
Darkfin Hind [Flagtail Grouper]
Darkglove Hermit Crab [Haig's Hermit Crab]
Darklined Fireworm
Darkspotted Flatworm
Darkspotted Moray [Fimbriated Moray Eel]
Dash-Dot Goatfish
Day Octopus
Decorated Dartfish
Decorated Sandgoby
Delicate Ghost Pipefish
Delicate Tube Worm
Deman's Snapping Shrimp
Depressed Spider Crab
Derasa Clam [Smooth Giant Clam]
Desirable Flabellina
Devil Stinger [Spiny Devilfish]
Diagonal-Banded Sweetlips
Diana's Chromodoris
Diana's Hogfish
Didemnum Strawberry Tunicate
Didemnum molle
Difficult Sea Cucumber
Disappearing Wrasse
Disco Clam [Electric Fileclam]
Divided Flatworm [Tiger Flatworm]
Dogtooth tuna
Donald Duck Shrimp
Donut Nudibranch
Dot-Dash Butterflyfish
Dotted Sweetlips
Dotted Wrasse
Dotted butterflyfish
Double-Ended Pipefish
Double-Ended Pipefish [Short-Tailed Pipefish]
Double-Ocellated Scorpionfish [Twinspot Lionfish]
Double-Spined Urchin [Banded Urchin]
Doublebanded Soapfish
Doublebar Goatfish [Island Goatfish]
Doubleline Clingfish
Doughboy Sea Star [Granulated Sea Star]
Dragon Sea Moth
Dragon Shrimp
Dragonfish Sea Cucumber
Dropoff Surgeonfish [Dark Surgeonfish]
Dusky Anemonefish [Red And Black Anemonefish]
Dusky Batfish [Pinnate Spadefish]
Dusky Parrotfish [Swarthy Parrotfish]
Dwarf Moray Eel
Dwarf hawkfish
Ear-spot Dwarfgoby
Eastern Headspot Dwarfgoby [Ear-spot Dwarfgoby]
Eastern Triangular Butterflyfish
Eclipse Butterflyfish
Edible Sea Cucumber [Pinkfish Sea Cucumber]
Eel Bornella Nudibranch
Egg Shell Shrimp
Egyptian Sea Star
Eight-Banded Butterflyfish
Eight-line Wrasse [Eightstripe Wrasse]
Eightband Butterflyfish [Eight-Banded Butterflyfish]
Eightstripe Wrasse
Electric Fileclam
Electric Flame Scallop [Electric Fileclam]
Elegant Crinoid Squat Lobster
Elegant Firefish [Decorated Dartfish]
Elegant Phyllidia
Elegant Sanddiver [Threadfin Sand Diver]
Elegant coris
Elephant Ear Disc Anemone [Giant Cup Mushroom]
Elephant Trunkfish
Elisabeth's Chromodoris
Elongate Surgeonfish
Ember Parrotfish [Redlip Parrotfish]
Emperor Angelfish
Emperor Shrimp
Epaulette Soldierfish
Erythrops Goby [Translucent Coral Goby]
Estuarine Stonefish
Estuary Seahorse [Common Seahorse]
Euapta sp. 1
Eubranchus mandapamensis
Eubranchus sp. 1
Eubranchus sp. 2
Eunice cf. australis
Eye-patch Butterflyfish [Panda Butterflyfish]
Eyestripe Surgeonfish
False Clown Anemonefish
False Mombasa Lionfish
False Puffer [Mimic Filefish]
False moorish idol [Schooling Bannerfish]
Fan Sponge
Fantail Filefish
Feather Star Squat Lobster [Elegant Crinoid Squat Lobster]
Feathery Black Coral
Fellow's Nudibranch
Fiji Anemonefish
Fiji Clown Coralblenny
Fiji Fangblenny
Fimbriated Moray Eel
Fingered Dragonet
Fingerprint Toby
Finspot razorfish
Fire Clownfish [Red And Black Anemonefish]
Fire Dartfish
Fire Hydroid [White Stinger]
Fire Urchin Snail
Firetail Dottyback
Five-Banded Wrasse [Barred Thicklip]
Fivefinger Razorfish
Fivelined Cardinalfish
Flagtail Grouper
Flagtail Shrimpgoby
Flagtail Triggerfish
Flamboyant Cuttlefish
Flame Angelfish
Flaming Angelfish [Flame Angelfish]
Flasher Scorpionfish
Flat Needlefish
Flecked Mitre
Flower Tube Anemone
Flower Urchin
Flowers' Flatworm
Flowery flounder
Flutted Giant Clam
Forcepsfish [Longnose Butterflyfish]
Forktail Blenny [Yellowtail Fangblenny]
Forskal's Pleurobranch
Four Ring Purse Crab
Four-line Wrasse [Fourstripe Wrasse]
Fourspot Butterflyfish
Fourspot Wrasse [Checkerboard Wrasse]
Fourstripe Wrasse
Foxface Rabbitfish
Freckled Frogfish
Freckled Goatfish
Freckled Hawkfish
Freckled Porcupinefish [Balloonfish]
Freckled Rockcod [Six-Banded Grouper]
Freckled Snake Eel
Friant's Sea Star
Fried-Egg Nudibranch [Swollen Phyllidia]
Frostfin Cardinalfish
Fuchsia Flatworm
Funeral Jorunna
Fungia concinna
Gaimard Wrasse [Yellowtail Coris]
Galathea sp. 1
Gardiner's Headshield Slug
Gargantuan Blenny
Gaskoin's cowry
Geoffroy's Wrasse [Shortnose Wrasse]
Geometric Chromodoris
Ghost Cardinalfish
Giant Box Crab
Giant Cup Mushroom
Giant Frogfish
Giant Giant Clam
Giant Manta Ray
Giant Maori Wrasse [Humphead Wrasse]
Giant Moray Eel
Giant Sea Cucumber
Giant Sea Fan
Giant Sweetlips
Gibbus Parrotfish [Steephead Parrotfish]
Gibsmithia hawaiiensis
Gilded Triggerfish
Girdled Cardinalfish
Girdled Glossodoris
Glass Amenone Shrimp [Peacock-Tail Anemone Shrimp]
Glasseye Snapper
Gloomy Tambja
Gold and Purple Chromodoris
Gold-Lace Nudibranch
Gold-Mouth Sea Squirt [Ink-Spot Sea Squirt]
Gold-specs Jawfish [Yellowbarred Jawfish]
Goldback Damselfish
Golden Damselfish
Golden Fireworm
Golden Mantis Shrimp
Golden Rabbitfish
Golden Sea Squirt [Ink-Spot Sea Squirt]
Golden Sweeper
Golden Wentletrap
Golden spadefish
Goldengirdled Coralfish [Orange-Banded Coralfish]
Goldlined spinefoot [Golden Rabbitfish]
Goldring Bristletooth [Goldring Surgeonfish]
Goldring Surgeonfish
Goldspotted Rabbitfish
Goldspotted Spinefoot [Goldspotted Rabbitfish]
Goldstripe Wrasse
Golf Ball Sponge
Goniobranchus sp. 1
Gorgeous Shrimpgoby
Gosline's Fangblenny
Gosliner's Flatworm
Graceful Anemone Shrimp
Gracile Lizardfish [Slender Lizardfish]
Graeffe's Sea Cucumber
Grand Coral Worm Snail
Granular Razor Coral
Granular Sea Star [Granulated Sea Star]
Granulated Phyllidiella
Granulated Sea Star
Grape Coral [Bubble Coral]
Grape Tunicates [Stalked Sea Squirt]
Gray Chub [Pacific Chub]
Gray Norse God Nudibranch
Gray Reef Shark
Great Barracuda
Great Phyllodesmium
Greater Blue-Ringed Octopus
Green Damselfish [Hawaiian Sergeant]
Green Flat Rock Crab
Green Humphead Parrotfish
Green Melibe
Green Moon Wrasse [Sunset Wrasse]
Green Spiny Lobster [Pronghorn Spiny Lobster]
Green Tube Tunicate
Green Turtle
Green-Eyed Dancing Shrimp [Reticulated Hinge-Beak Shrimp]
Greenfish Sea Cucumber
Greyface Moray [White-Eyed Moray Eel]
Guineafowl Puffer
Guineafowl Wrasse [Leopard Wrasse]
Guineafowl moray [Whitemouth Moray Eel]
Gymnodoris subflava
Haig's Hermit Crab
Haig's Porcelain Crab
Hairy Blackfish Sea Cucumber
Hairy Frogfish [Striated Frogfish]
Hairy Norse God
Hairy Red Hermit Crab
Hairy Red Hermit Crab [Dark Knee Hermit Crab]
Hairy Shrimp
Hairy Squat Lobster
Hairy Yellow Hermit Crab
Half-Swimmer Cowry
Halfmoon Triggerfish [Flagtail Triggerfish]
Halgerda Reticulidia
Halloween Hermit Crab
Hammerhead Coral [Anchor Coral]
Hancock's Flatworm
Harlequin Filefish [Longnose Filefish]
Harlequin Grouper
Harlequin Hind [Harlequin Grouper]
Harlequin Prawn-Goby [Blue-speckled Shrimpgoby]
Harlequin Shrimp
Harlequin Sweetlips [Many-Spotted Sweetlips]
Harlequin Swimming Crab
Hartzfeld's Wrasse [Goldstripe Wrasse]
Hawaiian Bicolor Chromis
Hawaiian Black Coral
Hawaiian Bristletooth
Hawaiian Cleaner Wrasse
Hawaiian Conger Eel
Hawaiian Crown Toby
Hawaiian Dascyllus
Hawaiian Elegant Hermit Crab
Hawaiian Gregory
Hawaiian Hogfish
Hawaiian Lizardfish
Hawaiian Longfin Anthias
Hawaiian Red Lionfish
Hawaiian Sergeant
Hawaiian Spiky Sea Cucumber
Hawaiian Swimming Crab
Hawaiian Turkeyfish [Hawaiian Red Lionfish]
Hawaiian Whitespotted Toby
Hawaiian Yellow-tip Sea Cucumber
Hawaiian chromis [Oval Chromis]
Hawk Anthias
Hawkfish Anthias [Hawk Anthias]
Hawksbill Turtle
Headband Headshield Slug
Hearth Heart Urchin [Longspine Heart Urchin]
Heavybeak Parrotfish [Steephead Parrotfish]
Helmet Sea Urchin [Shingle Sea Urchin]
Helmut Gurnard
Hermit Crab Anemone
Heron Ardeadoris
Herpolitha limax
Highfin Chub [Topsail Chub]
Highfin Coral Grouper
Highfin Snake Eel [Black-Finned Snake Eel]
Hippopus Clam
Holthuis' Anemone Shrimp
Honeycomb Guard Crab
Honeycomb Moray [Laced moray Eel]
Honeycomb Oyster
Honeycomb Toby
Honeycomb grouper
Hooknose Sole
Hopper's Hermit Crab
Horned Helmet
Horned Sea Star [Chocolate Chip Sea Star]
Horned bannerfish [Humphead Bannerfish]
Horse's Hoof clam [Hippopus Clam]
Humbug Damselfish [Whitetail Dascyllus]
Humpback Cowry
Humpback Grouper [Baramundi]
Humpback Prawn
Humpback Rockcod [Baramundi]
Humphead Bannerfish
Humphead Wrasse
Humpnose Bigeye Bream
Hypselodoris sp. 1
Imitator Damselfish
Immaculate Puffer
Imperial Angelfish [Emperor Angelfish]
Indian Caloria
Indian Feather Duster
Indian Sea Hare
Indian goatfish
Indo-Pacific Christmas Tree Worm
Indo-Pacific Sergeant
Indo-Pacific Viper Moray
Ink-Spot Sea Squirt
Innerspotted Sandgoby [Blotched Sandgoby]
Inornate Chelidonura [Headband Headshield Slug]
Iridescent Cardinalfish
Iridescent Scallop
Island Goatfish
Isthmus Goby
Ivory Tunicate
Japanese Pygmy Angelfish [Flame Angelfish]
Japanese Rock Shrimp
Java Moray Eel [Giant Moray Eel]
Jenkin's Scorpionfish [Titan Scorpionfish]
Jewel Damselfish
Jeweled Anemone Hermit Crab
Jewelled Chiton
Jewelled blenny
Johnston Damselfish [Blue-Eye Damselfish]
Kabira Phyllodesmium
Kahuna Nudibranch
Kangaroo Nudibranch [Many-Lobed Ceratosoma]
Keel Tail Mantis Shrimp
Keyhole Angelfish
Knobbly Hermit Crab [White-spotted Hermit Crab]
Knobbly Sea Star [Chocolate Chip Sea Star]
Knobby Box Crab [Rough Box Crab]
Krakatoa Hypselodoris
Krempf's Phyllidiopsis
Kropp's Coral Hermit Crab
Kubaryana's Nembrotha
Kunie's Chromodoris
Kupang Cardinalfish [Wassinki Cardinalfish]
Laced moray Eel
Lacy Bryozoan
Ladder Wrasse
Lagoon Damselfish
Lagoon Jelly [Spotted Jelly]
Lagoon Triggerfish [Picasso Triggerfish]
Laing Island Flatworm
Lance Blenny [Slender Sabretooth Blenny]
Lantern Toby
Laomenes sp. 1
Laomenes sp. 2
Laomenes sp. 3
Large Whip Goby
Largemouth Triplefin
Latent Slingjaw Wrasse
Latticed Butterflyfish
Latticed Sandperch
Laurent's Hermit Crab
Leaf Scorpionfish
Leathery Sea Anemone
Lei Triggerfish [Scythe Triggerfish]
Lemon Damselfish
Lemonpeel Angelfish
Leopard Blenny
Leopard Cod [Leopard Hind]
Leopard Flounder
Leopard Grouper [Leopard Hind]
Leopard Hind
Leopard Rockcod [Leopard Hind]
Leopard Sea Cucumber
Leopard Wrasse
Leptoseris explanata
Lesson's Aweetlips [Striped Sweetlips]
Lesson's Thicklip [Striped Sweetlips]
Leviathan Cowry
Light-Spotted Sea Cucumber
Linckia Sea Star [Mottled Linckia]
Line-Legged Hermit Crab
Lined Bristletooth
Lined Nembrotha
Lined Surgeonfish [Striped Surgeonfish]
Linedcheek Wrasse [Cheeklined Wrasse]
Lion's Paw Sea Cucumbers
Lisa's Mantis Shrimp
Lithophyllon undulatum
Little Auger Conch
Liz's Phyllidiella
Loch's Chromodoris
Loggerhead Turtle
Lollipop Tunicate [Stalked Sea Squirt]
Lollyfish [Black Sea Cucumber]
Long-Handed Lobster [Red Banded Lobster]
Long-Rayed Sanddiver [Threadfin Sand Diver]
Long-Spine Porcupinefish [Balloonfish]
Longbarbel Goatfish
Longfang Moray [Indo-Pacific Viper Moray]
Longfin Batfish [Longfin Spadefish]
Longfin Spadefish
Longnose Butterflyfish
Longnose Filefish
Longnose Hawkfish
Longspine Heart Urchin
Longspined Waspfish
Lovely Headshield Slug
Low-Crowned Seahorse [Smooth Seahorse]
Lowfin Chub [Brassy Chub]
Lowfin Scorpionfish [Shortfin Scorpionfish]
Lubbock's Wrasse
Luzon Sea Star
Lygdamis sp.
Lyretail Hogfish
Magnificent Anemone Shrimp
Magnificent Chromodoris
Magnificent Sea Anemone
Magnificent Shrimpgoby
Magnificent Tube Worm
Magnum Sea Cucumber
Maiden Goby [Orange-Dashed Goby]
Mailed Butterflyfish [Reticulated Butterflyfish]
Many-Lobed Ceratosoma
Many-Spotted Sweetlips
Manybar Goatfish
Map Cowry
Map Puffer
Marble Sea Star [Peppermint Sea Star]
Marbled Cone
Marbled Hawkfish
Marbled Shrimp
Margarita Egg Cowrie
Maroon Clownfish [Spinecheek Anemonefish]
Masked Bannerfish
Masked Moray Eel
Masked Rabbitfish
Masked Shrimpgoby [Nakedhead Shrimpgoby]
Masked Spinefoot [Masked Rabbitfish]
Masked Triggerfish [Bridled Triggerfish]
Masked grouper
Maxima Giant Clam
Medusa Worm
Merten's Sea Anemone
Meyer's Butterflyfish
Miamira alleni
Michel's Ghostgoby [Stony Coral Ghostgoby]
Micrognathus sp.
Midget Wrasse
Midnight Snapper
Miller's Nembrotha
Millet Butterflyfish [Milletseed Butterflyfish]
Milletseed Butterflyfish
Mimic Filefish
Mimic Flatworm
Mimic Octopus
Mimic Surgeonfish
Miracle Triplefin
Moluccan Cardinalfish
Monster Shrimpgoby
Moon Jelly
Moon Wrasse
Moontail Bullseye [Crescent-Tail Bigeye]
Moorish Idol
Mosaic Boxer Crab
Mosaic Octopus
Mototi Octopus [Poison Ocellate Octopus]
Mottled Linckia
Mud Reef-Goby [Beautiful Goby]
Multiband Butterflyfish
Multibarred Angelfish
Mushroom Coral Pipefish
Mushroom Coral Reticulidia
Mushroom Coral Shrimp
Mushroom Leather Coral
Naia Pipefish
Nakedhead Shrimpgoby
Napoleon Snake Eel
Napoleon Wrasse [Humphead Wrasse]
Narrow-Lined Puffer [Striped Puffer]
Nebulous Wrasse
Necklace Sea Star [Peppermint Sea Star]
Needle Coral
Needle-spined Urchin
Nembrotha sp. 1
Nembrotha sp. 2
Neon Damselfish
Neon Dwarfgoby
Neophyte Sandgoby
Neothyonidium sp. 1
Neothyonidium sp. 2
Network Pipefish
New Guinea Frogfish [Bandtail Frogfish]
Nosestripe Sandperch
Noumeaella sp. 1
Oblique-Barred Monocle Bream [Pearl-Streaked Monocle Bream]
Oblong Sea Urchin
Ocellate Damselfish [Princess Damselfish]
Ocellated Flounder
Ocellated Lionfish [Twinspot Lionfish]
Ocellated Phyllidia
Ocellated Sea Cucumber
Ocellated Tozeuma Shrimp
Ochre-Striped Cardinalfish [Splitband Cardinalfish]
Octopus sp. 1
Old Glory
Olive Purse Crab
Onespot Rabbitfish
Orange Cup Coral
Orange Hermit Crab
Orange Marble Sea Star [Peppermint Sea Star]
Orange-Banded Coralfish
Orange-Banded Pipefish
Orange-Dashed Goby
Orange-Dotted Tuskfish [Anchor Tuskfish]
Orange-Edged Sapsucking Slug
Orange-Lined Triggerfish
Orangeband Surgeonfish
Orangefin Anemonefish
Orangefin Anemonefish [Orangefin Anemonefish]
Orangelined Cardinalfish
Orangemouth Lizardfish
Orangespine Unicornfish
Orangespotted Sandgoby
Orangetail Filefish
Orangutan Crab
Orbicular Batfish [Circular Spadefish]
Orbicular Burrfish
Orbicular Cardinalfish
Orbiculate Cardinalfish [Orbicular Cardinalfish]
Oriental Flying Gurnard [Helmut Gurnard]
Oriental Sweetlips
Ornamental Cadlinella
Ornamented Wrasse [Ornate Wrasse]
Ornate Butterflyfish
Ornate Elysia
Ornate Ghost Pipefish
Ornate Goby
Ornate Pipefish [Winged Pipefish]
Ornate Sandgoby
Ornate Seaweed
Ornate Wrasse
Oval Butterflyfish [Redfin Butterflyfish]
Oval Chromis
Ovalspot Butterflyfish
Pacific Bird Wrasse
Pacific Chub
Pacific Cleaner Shrimp [White-Banded Cleaner Shrimp]
Pacific Clown Anemone Shrimp [Peacock-Tail Anemone Shrimp]
Pacific Crown Toby
Pacific Deer Cowry
Pacific Double-Saddle Butterflyfish
Pacific Sailfin Tang
Pacific Trumpetfish
Paguritta sp. 1
Painted Frogfish
Painted Phyllidia
Painted Spiny Lobster
Painted Sweetlips [Dotted Sweetlips]
Painted Thecacera
Pajama Cardinalfish
Pale Monocle Bream
Pale Rock-Boring Urchin
Pale-Lipped Surgeonfish
Palenose Parrotfish
Paletail Unicornfish
Palette Surgeonfish
Palythoa caesiaPalythoa caesia
Panda Butterflyfish
Panther Flounder [Leopard Flounder]
Papilla Goby
Papuan Toby
Paradoxical Sea Cucumber
Paron Shrimp [Cryptic Sponge Shrimp]
Pastel Ringwrasse
Peacock Damsel [Blue Damselfish]
Peacock Grouper
Peacock Hind [Peacock Grouper]
Peacock Mantis Shrimp
Peacock Razorfish
Peacock Rockcod [Peacock Grouper]
Peacock-Tail Anemone Shrimp
Pearl Bubble Coral
Pearl-Scaled Angelfish
Pearl-Streaked Monocle Bream
Pearly Monocle Bream
Pearly Soldierfish [Epaulette Soldierfish]
Pearly Spine-Cheek [Pearly Monocle Bream]
Pebble Collector Urchin
Pebble Crab [Four Ring Purse Crab]
Pebbled Butterflyfish [Multiband Butterflyfish]
Pectinia paeonia
Peeble Crab [Olive Purse Crab]
Pelagic Manta Ray [Giant Manta Ray]
Pelagic Nudibranch
Pelvic-Spot Wrasse [Midget Wrasse]
Pencil Moray Eel [Dwarf Moray Eel]
Pencil Wrasse [Smalltail Wrasse]
Pennant Bannerfish
Pennant Butterflyfish [Schooling Bannerfish]
Pennantfish [Schooling Bannerfish]
Peppermint Sea Star
Pericharax sp. 1
Periclimenaeus storchi
Perophora modificata
Persian Carpet Flatworm
Peters' Monocle Bream [Pale Monocle Bream]
Phantom Velvetfish
Philippine Butterflyfish [Panda Butterflyfish]
Phyllidiella nigra
Piano Fangblenny
Picasso Triggerfish
Pictus Coralblenny
Pigmy Sweeper [Golden Sweeper]
Pilsbry's Headshield Slug
Pimpled Basket Shell
Pimpled Nassa [Pimpled Basket Shell]
Pimpled Phyllidiella
Pin Cushion Sea Star
Pineapple Sea Cucumber
Pink Anemonefish
Pink Squirrelfish
Pink and Black Sea Cucumber [Pinkfish Sea Cucumber]
Pink-Eared Mantis Shrimp
Pink-Streaked Wrasse [Midget Wrasse]
Pinkeye Goby
Pinkfish Sea Cucumber
Pinktail Durgon [Pinktail Triggerfish]
Pinktail Triggerfish
Pinnate Spadefish
Pinstriped Wrasse
Pixy Hawkfish
Pizza Anemone [Adhesive Sea Anemone]
Pleasing Flatworm
Plump Sea Cucumber
Poison Ocellate Octopus
Polka Dot Phyllidia
Polka-Dot Cardinalfish [Orbicular Cardinalfish]
Polkadot Grouper [Baramundi]
Polycarpa pigmentata
Polyphyllia talpina
Pom-Pom Crab [Mosaic Boxer Crab]
Pontoh's Pygmy Seahorse
Porcelain Anemone Crab [Spotted Porcelain Crab]
Potter's Angelfish
Prasites Pygmy Goby [Red and Whitespotted Dwarfgoby]
Precious Chromodoris
Prickly Redfish [Pineapple Sea Cucumber]
Princess Damselfish
Pronghorn Spiny Lobster
Prudhoe's Flatworm
Pseudobiceros sp. 1
Pseudoceros sp. 1
Pseudocorynactis sp. 1
Pteroeides sp. 1
Puller Angelfish [Keyhole Angelfish]
Purple Anthias
Purple Queen Anthias
Purple Urchin Shrimp
Pygmy Seahorse
Pyramid Butterflyfish
Pyrosoma atlanticum
Quakerfish [Banded Blanquillo]
Raccoon Butterflyfish
Racing Stripe Flatworm
Radial Firefish [Clearfin Lionfish]
Radiant Sea Urchin
Raggy Scorpionfish
Rainbow Runner
Randall's Fusilier
Randall's Shrimpgoby
Rare Longnose Butterflyfish [Big Longnose Butterflyfish]
Red And Black Anemonefish
Red Banded Lobster
Red Claw Cuapetes Shrimp
Red Dwarf Flatworm
Red Lionfish [Common Lionfish]
Red Lizardfish [Reef Lizardfish]
Red Reef Lobster
Red Rock boring urchin [Needle-spined Urchin]
Red Slate Pencil Urchin
Red Striped Goby [Candycane Pygmygoby]
Red Swimming Crab
Red Tile Starfish [Peppermint Sea Star]
Red and Whitespotted Dwarfgoby
Red-Cheeked Anthias [Threadfin Anthias]
Red-Lined Wrasse
Red-Spot Comb Jelly
Red-Spotted Coral Crab [Rust-Spotted Guard Crab]
Red-Spotted Guard Crab
Red-Spotted Porcelain Crab [Spotted Porcelain Crab]
Red-Spotted Rockcod [Leopard Hind]
Redbarred Cardinal [Orangelined Cardinalfish]
Redbarred Hawkfish
Redbreasted Wrasse
Redearth Pygmygoby
Redeye Goby [Pinkeye Goby]
Redface Dwarfgoby [Ringeye Pygmygoby]
Redfin Butterflyfish
Redline Flabellina
Redlip Parrotfish
Redmarbled Lizardfish
Redshoulder Wrasse
Redspeckled Dwarfgoby [Redspotted Dwarfgoby]
Redspot Surgeonfish [Achilles Tang]
Redspotted Dwarfgoby
Redspotted Sandperch
Redtail Filefish [Blackheaded Filefish]
Redtoothed Triggerfish
Reef Chromis [Agile Chromis]
Reef Lizardfish
Reef Manta Ray
Reef Stonefish
Reef Triggerfish [Wedgetail Triggerfish]
Regal Angelfish
Regal Parrotfish
Reid's Damselfish
Reticulate Dascyllus [Reticulated Dascyllus]
Reticulated Butterflyfish
Reticulated Chromodoris
Reticulated Cowry
Reticulated Dascyllus
Reticulated Hawaiian Hermit Crab [Hopper's Hermit Crab]
Reticulated Hinge-Beak Shrimp
Reticulated Humbug [Reticulated Dascyllus]
Reticulated Sandperch
Reticulated pufferfish
Rhino Filefish
Rhinoceros Leatherjacket [Rhino Filefish]
Ribbon Moray Eel
Ribbon Sweetlips
Rice Coral
Richmond's Wrasse
Ridge Coral [Anchor Coral]
Ridged Egg Cowrie
Rigid Shrimpfish
Rigilius goby [Orangespotted Sandgoby]
Ring-Tailed Cardinalfish
Ringed Favorinus
Ringed Pipefish
Ringed Sap-Sucking Slug
Ringeye Pygmygoby
Ringtail Maori Wrasse [Ringtail Wrasse]
Ringtail Wrasse
Ritteri anemone [Magnificent Sea Anemone]
Robe Hem Hypselodoris
Robust Ghost Pipefish
Robust Sea Cucumber [Yellow Sea Cucumber]
Rockmover Wrasse
Rose Phyllidiella
Rosy Spindle Cowry
Rough Box Crab
Rough-Spined Urchin
Rounded Bubblegum Coral [Bubble Coral]
Rounded Sea Star Shrimp
Roundface Batfish [Longfin Spadefish]
Royal Angelfish [Regal Angelfish]
Ruddy Fusilier
Rugosa Clam [Maxima Giant Clam]
Rumengan's Pipehorse [Thread Pipefish]
Russet Angelfish [Potter's Angelfish]
Rust-Spotted Guard Crab
Rusty Guard Crab [Two Tooth Guard Crab]
Sabre Squirrelfish
Saddle Butterflyfish [Saddled Butterflyfish]
Saddle Wrasse
Saddled Butterflyfish
Saddled Grouper [Six-Banded Grouper]
Saddled Pufferfish [Black-Saddled Toby]
Saddled Snake Eel
Saffron Noumea
Sailfin Goby [Signalfin Sandgoby]
Salpa maxima
Salpa spp.
Salt and pepper moray [Stout Moray Eel]
Sammara Squirrelfish [Spotfin Squirrelfish]
Samoan Cardinalfish [Ghost Cardinalfish]
Sand Lizardfish [Clearfin Lizardfish]
Sand Mason Worm
Sapphire Damsel [Blue Damselfish]
Sapphire Flatworm
Sarasvati Anemone Shrimp
Savignyi's Longspine Urchin
Saw-Blade Shrimp
Saw-Jawed Monocle Bream [Whitestreak Monocle Bream]
Sawedged Spooner Crab
Scaled Clam [Flutted Giant Clam]
Scalefin Anthias
Scaly Slipper Lobster [Blunt Slipper Lobster]
Scarlet Cleaner Shrimp [White-Banded Cleaner Shrimp]
Scarlet Frogfish [Freckled Frogfish]
Scheele's Conger Eel
Schlegel's Feather Star
Schlegel's Parrotfish [Yellowbar Parrotfish]
Schooling Bannerfish
Scissor Swimming Crab
Scissortail Fusilier
Scissortail Sergeant
Scrawled Filefish
Script Flatworm
Sculptured Mitten Lobster [Sculptured Slipper Lobster]
Sculptured Slipper Lobster
Scythe Triggerfish
Sea Basket Sea Cucumber [Magnum Sea Cucumber]
Sea Blue Phyllidia
Sea Cucumber Swimming Crab
Sea Cumcumber Scale Worm
Sea Goldie [Scalefin Anthias]
Sea Pearl
Sea Spider
Sea Star Shrimp
Sea Thimble Jellyfish
Sebae Anemone [Leathery Sea Anemone]
Sebree's Dwarfgoby [Striped Dwarfgoby]
Segmented Blenny
Selenka's Sea Cucumber [Dragonfish Sea Cucumber]
Semicircle Angelfish
Sessile Barnacles
Seurat's Hermit Crab [Whitebanded Hermit Crab]
Seven-Eleven Crab [Spotted Reef Crab]
Sexy Anemone Shrimp [Squat Anemone Shrimp]
Shadowfin Soldierfish
Sharpnose Sandperch
Shingle Sea Urchin
Shireen's Phyllidiopsis
Short-Finned Pilot Whale
Short-Tailed Pipefish
Shortbodied Blenny [Leopard Blenny]
Shortfin Lionfish
Shortfin Scorpionfish
Shortfin Turkeyfish [Shortfin Lionfish]
Shorthead Fangblenny
Shortnose Boxfish
Shortnose Pipefish
Shortnose Wrasse
Shortnosed Unicornfish [Paletail Unicornfish]
Shortpouch Pygmy Pipehorse
Shoulderbar Goby
Shoulderbar Soldierfish [Epaulette Soldierfish]
Shuttlecock Spindle Cowry
Sidespot Goatfish
Sieve Cowry
Siganus virgatus
Signal Goby
Signalfin Sandgoby
Silverspot Squirrelfish [Tailspot Squirrelfish]
Singular Bannerfish
Six-Banded Angelfish
Six-Banded Grouper
Six-blotch Rockcod [Six-Banded Grouper]
Six-spotted Rockcod [Six-Banded Grouper]
Sixbar Angelfish [Six-Banded Angelfish]
Sixline Wrasse [Sixstripe Wrasse]
Sixstripe Wrasse
Skunk Cleaner Shrimp [White-Banded Cleaner Shrimp]
Sky Blue Phyllidia
Slantbar Shrimpgoby
Sleek Unicornfish
Slender Feather Star
Slender Grouper
Slender Lizardfish
Slender Roboastra
Slender Sabretooth Blenny
Slingjaw Wrasse
Small Fireworm
Small White Hermit Crab
Smallmouth Squirrelfish
Smalltail Wrasse
Smalltoothed Jobfish
Smooth Box Crab [Giant Box Crab]
Smooth Giant Clam
Smooth Seahorse
Snowflake Coral [White Telesto]
Snowflake Moray Eel
Soft Coral Crab
Solar-Powered Phyllodesmium
Solenocera sp. 1
Solor Boxfish
Southern Giant Clam [Smooth Giant Clam]
Southern Horseshoe Worm
Spanish Dancer
Speckled Butterflyfish
Speckled Sandperch
Speckled Scorpionfish
Speckled Sea Cucumber [Whitespotted Sea Cucumber]
Speckled Wrasse [Yellowtail Wrasse]
Specklefin Grouper
Spectacled Filefish
Spider-eye Puffer [Ambon Toby]
Spiky Sea Cucumber [Greenfish Sea Cucumber]
Spinecheek Anemonefish
Spinner Dolphin
Spiny Balloonfish [Balloonfish]
Spiny Chromis
Spiny Devilfish
Spiny Leaf-Fish [Spiny Waspfish]
Spiny Sea Star
Spiny Seahorse [Thorny seahorse]
Spiny Tiger Shrimp
Spiny Waspfish
Splendid Dottyback
Splendid Pebble Crab
Splendid Red Spooner Crab [Splendid Pebble Crab]
Splendid Spooner [Splendid Pebble Crab]
Splitband Cardinalfish
Splitlevel Hogfish [Blackbelt Hogfish]
Sponge Spider Crab
Spot-Banded Butterflyfish
Spot-Fin Porcupinefish [Porcupinefish]
Spot-Nape Butterflyfish
Spotband Butterflyfish [Spot-Banded Butterflyfish]
Spotbreast Angelfish [Black-Spot Angelfish]
Spotfin Burrfish
Spotfin Frogfish
Spotfin Lionfish
Spotfin Squirrelfish
Spotgill Cardinalfish
Spotted Boxfish
Spotted Dwarfgoby [Whitestriped Dwarfgoby]
Spotted Eagle Ray
Spotted Garden Eel
Spotted Hawkfish
Spotted Jelly
Spotted Linckia [Mottled Linckia]
Spotted Parrotfish
Spotted Porcelain Crab
Spotted Reef Crab
Spotted Sea Hare
Spotted Seahorse [Common Seahorse]
Spotted Shrimpgoby
Spotted Soapfish [Bearded Soapfish]
Spotted Surgeonfish [Goldring Surgeonfish]
Spotted Unicornfish [Paletail Unicornfish]
Spotted Worm Sea Cucumber
Spotted Wrasse [Yellowtail Wrasse]
Spotted hypselodoris
Spotted prawn-goby [Spotted Shrimpgoby]
Spotted-Arm Cuapetes Shrimp
Spotted-Foot Plocamopherus
Spotwing Flying Gurnard
Square-Spot Fairy Basslet [Squarespot Anthias]
Square-Spot Goatfish [Yellowstripe Goatfish]
Squarespot Anthias
Squat Anemone Shrimp
Staghorn Damsel [Staghorn Damselfish]
Staghorn Damselfish
Staghorn Sergeant [Staghorn Damselfish]
Stalked Sea Squirt
Star Puffer
Stareye Parrotfish
Stargazer Snake Eel
Starry Blenny
Starry Carminodoris
Starry Coral Shrimp
Starry Moray [Snowflake Moray Eel]
Starry Puffer [Star Puffer]
Starry Toadfish [Star Puffer]
Starry Triggerfish
Stars and Stripes Puffer [Whitespotted Puffer]
Steephead Parrotfish
Steinitz's Shrimpgoby
Stelletinopsis isis
Stimpson's Snapping Shrimp
Stinging Hydroid [White Stinger]
Stocky Hawkfish [Marbled Hawkfish]
Stony Coral Ghostgoby
Stout Moray Eel
Strapweed Filefish
Strawberry Clam [Hippopus Clam]
Strawberry Grouper
Strawberry Hind [Strawberry Grouper]
Streaked Chromodoris
Strepsichordaia lendenfeldi
Striated Cone
Striated Frogfish
Striated Surgeonfish [Lined Bristletooth]
Striated Wrasse [Disappearing Wrasse]
Stripe-Leg Spiny Lobster
Stripebelly Puffer [Whitespotted Puffer]
Striped Bristletooth [Lined Bristletooth]
Striped Bumblebee Shrimp
Striped Catfish
Striped Dwarfgoby
Striped Fangblenny
Striped Frogfish [Striated Frogfish]
Striped Goby
Striped Large-Eye Bream
Striped Leg Hermit Crab [Line-Legged Hermit Crab]
Striped Mantis Shrimp [Tiger Mantis Shrimp]
Striped Phyllidiopsis
Striped Puffer
Striped Ribbon Worm
Striped Surgeonfish
Striped Sweetlips
Striped Triplefin
Striped Wing Oyster
Subulate auger
Sunburst Butterflyfish [Blacklip Butterflyfish]
Sunset Wrasse
Surf Redfish [Whitespotted Sea Cucumber]
Surge Wrasse
Swarthy Parrotfish
Swollen Phyllidia
Symphyllia radians
Synaptula sp. 1
Synaptula sp. 2
Tahitian Squirrelfish [Blue Lined Squirrelfish]
Tail-Spot Wrasse [Pinstriped Wrasse]
Tailbar Lionfish [Clearfin Lionfish]
Tailspot Squirrelfish
Talbot's Cardinalfish
Talbot's Damselfish
Talbot's Demoiselle [Talbot's Damselfish]
Tambja amakusana
Tambja sp. 1
Tawny Nurse Shark
Taylor's Garden Eel
Teardrop Butterflyfish
Teated Sea Cucumber
Teatfish [Teated Sea Cucumber]
Territus Murex
Tessellate Moray [Laced moray Eel]
Tessellated Halgerda
Thecacera sp. 1
Thornback Cowfish
Thorny Flathead
Thorny seahorse
Thread Pipefish
Threadfin Anthias
Threadfin Butterflyfish
Threadfin Hawkfish [Spotted Hawkfish]
Threadfin Sand Diver
Three-Lobed Porcelain Crab
Three-Spot Cardinalfish
Three-Spot Squirrelfish
Threeband Pennantfish [Pennant Bannerfish]
Threespot Angelfish
Threespot Chromis
Threespot Dascyllus
Thysanozoon sp. 1
Tiger Cowry
Tiger Crinoid Shrimp
Tiger Flatworm
Tiger Jawfish [Yellowbarred Jawfish]
Tiger Mantis Shrimp
Tiger Pistol Shrimp [Tiger Snapping Shrimp]
Tiger Reef Eel [Tiger Snake Moray Eel]
Tiger Snake Moray Eel
Tiger Snapping Shrimp
Tiger Sole [Banded Sole]
Tigertail Sea Cucumber [Light-Spotted Sea Cucumber]
Titan Scorpionfish
Titan Triggerfish
Tom Smith's Nudibranch
Tomato Anemonefish
Tomato Clownfish [Tomato Anemonefish]
Tomato Grouper
Toothy Moray [Indo-Pacific Viper Moray]
Topsail Chub
Translucent Coral Goby
Translucent Gorgonian Shrimp
Tree Coral
Tripletail Wrasse
Triton's Trumpet
Tropical Bottletail Squid
Tryon's Risbecia
Tufted Spiny Lobster [Pronghorn Spiny Lobster]
Turkey moray [Whitemouth Moray Eel]
Twin-Spotted Squat Lobster
Twinspot Lionfish
Two Horn Box Crab
Two Tooth Guard Crab
Two-Banded Soapfish [Doublebanded Soapfish]
Two-Eyed Coralfish
Two-Lined Monocle Bream [Bridled Monocle Bream]
Two-Spined Angelfish
Two-Spot Banded Snapper [Twospot Snapper]
Two-Spotted Wrasse [Red-Lined Wrasse]
Two-Tone Pygmy Squid
Twosaddle Goatfish [Island Goatfish]
Twospot Coralfish [Two-Eyed Coralfish]
Twospot Lizardfish
Twospot Sandgoby
Twospot Snapper
Twospot Turkeyfish [Twinspot Lionfish]
Twospot Wrasse
Twostripe Goby
Twotone Dartfish
Twotone Tang [Brushtail Tang]
Twotone Wrasse
Unadorned Gymnodoris
Undulated Moray Eel
Undulated Triggerfish [Orange-Lined Triggerfish]
Urchin Carry Crab
Urocaridella sp. 1
Urocaridella sp. 2
Vagabond Boring Sponge
Vagabond Butterflyfish
Valentinni's Sharpnose Puffer [Black-Saddled Toby]
Vanikoro sweeper
Variable Brittle Star
Variable Coral Crab [Convex Crab]
Variable Fire Urchin
Variable Thorny Oyster
Variegated Lizardfish [Reef Lizardfish]
Variegated Sundial
Veined Octopus [Coconut Octopus]
Venus Girdle
Vermiculated Angelfish
Violet Soldierfish
Virgularia sp. 1
Virgularia sp. 2
Virgularia sp. 3
Vlaming's Unicornfish [Bignose Unicornfish]
Volcano Sea Cucumber
Waminoa sp. 1
Warty Frogfish
Warty Sea Cucumber [Dragonfish Sea Cucumber]
Warty Sea Star
Wassinki Cardinalfish
Wedgetail Triggerfish
West Indian furrow lobster [Red Banded Lobster]
West Wind Hypselodoris
Western Barhead Damselfish
Whale Shark
Whip Coral Goby [Wire Coral Goby]
White Damselfish
White Eel [Hawaiian Conger Eel]
White Mantle Glossodoris
White Ring Noumea
White Spot anemone shrimp [Peacock-Tail Anemone Shrimp]
White Stinger
White Teatfish
White Telesto
White's Hypselodoris
White-Banded Cleaner Shrimp
White-Belly Damselfish
White-Eyed Moray Eel
White-Lined Comb-Tooth [Pictus Coralblenny]
White-Margin Nudibranch
White-Margined Moray Eel
White-Striped Cleaner Shrimp [White-Banded Cleaner Shrimp]
White-Tipped Urchin [Pale Rock-Boring Urchin]
White-V Hydroid Crab
White-V Octopus
White-rumped Sea Cucumber
White-spotted Hermit Crab
White-streaked Grouper [Specklefin Grouper]
Whitebanded Hermit Crab
Whitebanded Triggerfish [Picasso Triggerfish]
Whitebar Surgeonfish
Whitebarred Goby [Banded Goby]
Whitebelly Toby
Whitecheek Surgeonfish
Whiteface Waspfish
Whitefin Lionfish [Clearfin Lionfish]
Whiteline Triggerfish [Scythe Triggerfish]
Whitelip Moray Eel
Whitemargin Stargazer
Whitemouth Moray Eel
Whitepatch Razorfish
Whitesaddle Goatfish
Whitespeckled Demoiselle [Jewel Damselfish]
Whitespotted Boxfish [Spotted Boxfish]
Whitespotted Devil [Jewel Damselfish]
Whitespotted Garden Eel [Barnes Garden Eel]
Whitespotted Puffer
Whitespotted Rabbitfish
Whitespotted Sea Cucumber
Whitespotted Wrasse
Whitestreak Monocle Bream
Whitestripe Sandperch
Whitestriped Dwarfgoby
Whitetail Dascyllus
Whitetip Reef Shark
Whitetip soldierfish
Whitetongue Jack
Wide-barred Shrimpgody
Willan's Chromodoris
Winged Pipefish
Wire Coral Crab
Wire Coral Goby
Wirenet Filefish
Wispy Waspfish [Longspined Waspfish]
Wolfsnout Goby
Xenia Swimming Crab
Y-bar Shrimpgoby [Barred Shrimpgoby]
Yaeyama Coralblenny
Yamasu's Cuthona
Yellow Boxfish
Yellow Pygmy Goby [Ornate Goby]
Yellow Sea Cucumber
Yellow Sea Snail [Golden Wentletrap]
Yellow Sea Squirt
Yellow Tang
Yellow and Blueback Fusilier [Blue and Yellow Fusilier]
Yellow-Brown Wrasse [Sunset Wrasse]
Yellow-Headed Moray Eel
Yellow-Lipped Sea Krait [Banded Sea Krait]
Yellow-Mask Angelfish
Yellow-Spotted Anemone Shrimp
Yellow-Spotted Guard Crab
Yellow-Spotted Thuridilla
Yellow-Tipped Phyllodesmium
Yellow-tail Fusilier [Blue and Yellow Fusilier]
Yellowband Parrotfish [Yellowbar Parrotfish]
Yellowbanded Pipefish [Orange-Banded Pipefish]
Yellowbar Parrotfish
Yellowbarred Jawfish
Yellowbelly Damselfish [White-Belly Damselfish]
Yellowblotch Razorfish [Whitepatch Razorfish]
Yellowedged Moray [Yellowmargin Moray Eel]
Yelloweye Filefish
Yelloweye Leatherjacket [Yelloweye Filefish]
Yellowface Angelfish [Yellow-Mask Angelfish]
Yellowfin Goatfish
Yellowfin Parrotfish
Yellowfin Surgeonfish
Yellowfoot Shrimpgoby
Yellowmargin Moray Eel
Yellowmargin Triggerfish
Yellowmask Surgeonfish [Elongate Surgeonfish]
Yellowstripe Coris
Yellowstripe Goatfish
Yellowstripe Monocle Bream
Yellowstriped Cardinalfish
Yellowtail Clownfish [Clark's Anemonefish]
Yellowtail Coris
Yellowtail Damsel [Black-and-Gold Damselfish]
Yellowtail Demoiselle
Yellowtail Fangblenny
Yellowtail Wrasse
Zanzibar Whip Coral Shrimp
Zebra Lionfish
Zebra Mantis Shrimp [Tiger Mantis Shrimp]
Zebra Moray Eel
Zebra Pipefish [Ringed Pipefish]
Zebra Urchin Crab
Zigzag Wrasse
Zoster Wrasse [Blacksaddle Tuskfish]
cf. Amphiscolos sp. 1
cratena affinis
natica sp. 1