Florent's Guide To The

Hawaii Reefs

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Abbott's moray eel [Stout Moray Eel]
Abbreviated Rock Crab [Green Flat Rock Crab]
Achilles Tang
African Coris [Yellowtail Coris]
Agile Chromis
Almaco Jack
Ambon Toby
Ambon pufferfish [Ambon Toby]
Anker's Whip Coral Shrimp
Antler Coral
Arc-Eye Hawkfish
Ardeadoris poliahu
Argus Grouper [Peacock Grouper]
Banded Boxer Shrimp [Banded Coral Shrimp]
Banded Coral Shrimp
Banded Moray [Yellow-Headed Moray Eel]
Banded Spiny Lobster
Banded Urchin
Bandfin Cardinalfish
Barber-Pole Shrimp [Banded Coral Shrimp]
Barenape Goby [Twospot Sandgoby]
Barred Filefish [Yelloweye Filefish]
Barred Moray Eel
Belted Wrasse
Bicolor Flabellina
Big Longnose Butterflyfish
Bigeye Emperor [Humpnose Bigeye Bream]
Bigfin Reef Squid
Bigscale Soldierfish
Biting Blenny [Gosline's Fangblenny]
Black Durgon
Black Sea Cucumber
Black Surgeonfish [Hawaiian Bristletooth]
Black Triggerfish [Black Durgon]
Black-Spotted Porcupinefish [Porcupinefish]
Blackbar Triggerfish [Picasso Triggerfish]
Blackblotch Butterflyfish [Saddled Butterflyfish]
Blacklip Butterflyfish
Blackside Hawkfish [Freckled Hawkfish]
Blackspot Sergeant
Blackstripe Coris [Yellowstripe Coris]
Blacktail Snapper
Blood-Spotted Crab [Spotted Reef Crab]
Blotcheye Soldierfish [Bigscale Soldierfish]
Blue Dragon Nudibranch
Blue Lined Squirrelfish
Blue Sea Chub [Topsail Chub]
Blue Swallowtails Slug [Swallowtail Headshield Slugs]
Blue-Black Urchin
Blue-Eye Damselfish
Blue-Eyed Rock Crab
Blue-Lined Surgeonfish
Blue-spotted Grouper [Peacock Grouper]
Bluefin Trevally
Bluespine Unicornfish
Bluespotted Cornetfish
Bluestripe Butterflyfish
Bluestripe Snapper
Bluestripe Squirrelfish [Blue Lined Squirrelfish]
Blunt Slipper Lobster
Boomerang Triggerfish [Scythe Triggerfish]
Bottlenose Dolphin
Brassy Chub
Brick Soldierfish
Bridled Triggerfish
Bronze Reef Chromis [Agile Chromis]
Brown Margin Glossodoris [White-Margin Nudibranch]
Brown Slipper Lobster [Sculptured Slipper Lobster]
Brown Surgeonfish
Brown-Lined Paperbubble
Bubble Algae [Sea Pearl]
Bullethead Parrotfish
Cake's Urchin [Collector Urchin]
Calf Cowry [Pacific Deer Cowry]
Carolines Parrotfish [Stareye Parrotfish]
Cauliflower Coral
Checkered-Eye Mantis [Ciliated Mantis Shrimp]
Chinese Trumpetfish [Pacific Trumpetfish]
Chinstrap Wrasse [Disappearing Wrasse]
Chocolate Dip Chromis [Hawaiian Bicolor Chromis]
Christmas Wrasse [Ladder Wrasse]
Cigar Wrasse
Ciliated False Squilla [Ciliated Mantis Shrimp]
Ciliated Mantis Shrimp
Citron Butterflyfish [Speckled Butterflyfish]
Clear Cleaner Shrimp
Clearfin Lizardfish
Coastal Manta Ray [Reef Manta Ray]
Collector Urchin
Colorful Hypselodoris
Commerson's Frogfish [Giant Frogfish]
Common Mantis Shrimp [Ciliated Mantis Shrimp]
Common Parrotfish [Palenose Parrotfish]
Common Razor Coral
Common Wire Coral
Convex Crab
Convict Tang
Cottonmouth Jack [Whitetongue Jack]
Crown Squirrelfish
Crowned Puffer [Hawaiian Crown Toby]
Crystalline Sea Star Snail
Darkglove Hermit Crab [Haig's Hermit Crab]
Day Octopus
Desirable Flabellina
Difficult Sea Cucumber
Disappearing Wrasse
Divided Flatworm [Tiger Flatworm]
Double-Spined Urchin [Banded Urchin]
Doublebar Goatfish [Island Goatfish]
Dragonfish Sea Cucumber
Dwarf Moray Eel
Edible Sea Cucumber [Pinkfish Sea Cucumber]
Eight-line Wrasse [Eightstripe Wrasse]
Eightstripe Wrasse
Elegant coris
Ember Parrotfish [Redlip Parrotfish]
Emperor Shrimp
Epaulette Soldierfish
Eyestripe Surgeonfish
False moorish idol [Schooling Bannerfish]
Fantail Filefish
Feathery Black Coral
Fellow's Nudibranch
Fire Dartfish
Fire Hydroid [White Stinger]
Flame Angelfish
Flaming Angelfish [Flame Angelfish]
Flowery flounder
Forcepsfish [Longnose Butterflyfish]
Forskal's Pleurobranch
Four-line Wrasse [Fourstripe Wrasse]
Fourspot Butterflyfish
Fourstripe Wrasse
Freckled Frogfish
Freckled Hawkfish
Freckled Porcupinefish [Balloonfish]
Freckled Snake Eel
Fried-Egg Nudibranch [Swollen Phyllidia]
Fuchsia Flatworm
Gaimard Wrasse [Yellowtail Coris]
Gargantuan Blenny
Gaskoin's cowry
Geoffroy's Wrasse [Shortnose Wrasse]
Giant Box Crab
Giant Frogfish
Giant Manta Ray
Giant Moray Eel
Gibsmithia hawaiiensis
Gilded Triggerfish
Glasseye Snapper
Gloomy Tambja
Gold-Lace Nudibranch
Goldring Bristletooth [Goldring Surgeonfish]
Goldring Surgeonfish
Goniobranchus sp. 1
Gosline's Fangblenny
Gracile Lizardfish [Slender Lizardfish]
Granular Razor Coral
Gray Chub [Pacific Chub]
Gray Reef Shark
Great Barracuda
Green Damselfish [Hawaiian Sergeant]
Green Flat Rock Crab
Green Moon Wrasse [Sunset Wrasse]
Green Spiny Lobster [Pronghorn Spiny Lobster]
Green Turtle
Green-Eyed Dancing Shrimp [Reticulated Hinge-Beak Shrimp]
Guineafowl Puffer
Guineafowl moray [Whitemouth Moray Eel]
Haig's Hermit Crab
Hairy Frogfish [Striated Frogfish]
Half-Swimmer Cowry
Halloween Hermit Crab
Harlequin Shrimp
Hawaiian Bicolor Chromis
Hawaiian Black Coral
Hawaiian Bristletooth
Hawaiian Cleaner Wrasse
Hawaiian Conger Eel
Hawaiian Crown Toby
Hawaiian Dascyllus
Hawaiian Elegant Hermit Crab
Hawaiian Gregory
Hawaiian Hogfish
Hawaiian Lizardfish
Hawaiian Longfin Anthias
Hawaiian Red Lionfish
Hawaiian Sergeant
Hawaiian Spiky Sea Cucumber
Hawaiian Swimming Crab
Hawaiian Turkeyfish [Hawaiian Red Lionfish]
Hawaiian Whitespotted Toby
Hawaiian Yellow-tip Sea Cucumber
Hawaiian chromis [Oval Chromis]
Hawksbill Turtle
Helmet Sea Urchin [Shingle Sea Urchin]
Helmut Gurnard
Hermit Crab Anemone
Highfin Chub [Topsail Chub]
Hopper's Hermit Crab
Horned Helmet
Humpback Cowry
Humpnose Bigeye Bream
Indian Caloria
Indian Feather Duster
Indo-Pacific Christmas Tree Worm
Indo-Pacific Sergeant
Indo-Pacific Viper Moray
Iridescent Cardinalfish
Island Goatfish
Ivory Tunicate
Japanese Pygmy Angelfish [Flame Angelfish]
Java Moray Eel [Giant Moray Eel]
Jenkin's Scorpionfish [Titan Scorpionfish]
Jeweled Anemone Hermit Crab
Johnston Damselfish [Blue-Eye Damselfish]
Kahuna Nudibranch
Kangaroo Nudibranch [Many-Lobed Ceratosoma]
Knobbly Hermit Crab [White-spotted Hermit Crab]
Knobby Box Crab [Rough Box Crab]
Lacy Bryozoan
Ladder Wrasse
Lagoon Triggerfish [Picasso Triggerfish]
Lantern Toby
Large Whip Goby
Laurent's Hermit Crab
Leaf Scorpionfish
Leech Aglaja [Swallowtail Headshield Slugs]
Lei Triggerfish [Scythe Triggerfish]
Leopard Blenny
Leopard Flounder
Leviathan Cowry
Light-Spotted Sea Cucumber
Linckia Sea Star [Mottled Linckia]
Lion's Paw Sea Cucumbers
Loggerhead Turtle
Lollyfish [Black Sea Cucumber]
Long-Handed Lobster [Red Banded Lobster]
Long-Spine Porcupinefish [Balloonfish]
Longfang Moray [Indo-Pacific Viper Moray]
Longnose Butterflyfish
Longnose Hawkfish
Lowfin Chub [Brassy Chub]
Lowfin Scorpionfish [Shortfin Scorpionfish]
Mailed Butterflyfish [Reticulated Butterflyfish]
Many-Lobed Ceratosoma
Manybar Goatfish
Marbled Hawkfish
Marbled Shrimp
Masked Triggerfish [Bridled Triggerfish]
Medusa Worm
Michel's Ghostgoby [Stony Coral Ghostgoby]
Millet Butterflyfish [Milletseed Butterflyfish]
Milletseed Butterflyfish
Moon Jelly
Moorish Idol
Mottled Linckia
Multiband Butterflyfish
Needle-spined Urchin
Oblong Sea Urchin
Orange Cup Coral
Orangeband Surgeonfish
Orangemouth Lizardfish
Orangespine Unicornfish
Oriental Flying Gurnard [Helmut Gurnard]
Ornamented Wrasse [Ornate Wrasse]
Ornate Butterflyfish
Ornate Elysia
Ornate Seaweed
Ornate Wrasse
Oval Butterflyfish [Redfin Butterflyfish]
Oval Chromis
Pacific Bird Wrasse
Pacific Chub
Pacific Cleaner Shrimp [White-Banded Cleaner Shrimp]
Pacific Deer Cowry
Pacific Sailfin Tang
Pacific Trumpetfish
Pale Rock-Boring Urchin
Palenose Parrotfish
Paletail Unicornfish
Palythoa caesiaPalythoa caesia
Panther Flounder [Leopard Flounder]
Paradoxical Sea Cucumber
Peacock Grouper
Peacock Hind [Peacock Grouper]
Peacock Razorfish
Peacock Rockcod [Peacock Grouper]
Pearly Soldierfish [Epaulette Soldierfish]
Pebble Collector Urchin
Pebbled Butterflyfish [Multiband Butterflyfish]
Pelagic Manta Ray [Giant Manta Ray]
Pelagic Nudibranch
Pencil Moray Eel [Dwarf Moray Eel]
Pencil Wrasse [Smalltail Wrasse]
Pennant Butterflyfish [Schooling Bannerfish]
Pennantfish [Schooling Bannerfish]
Picasso Triggerfish
Pilsbry's Headshield Slug
Pimpled Basket Shell
Pimpled Nassa [Pimpled Basket Shell]
Pimpled Phyllidiella
Pin Cushion Sea Star
Pink and Black Sea Cucumber [Pinkfish Sea Cucumber]
Pinkfish Sea Cucumber
Pinktail Durgon [Pinktail Triggerfish]
Pinktail Triggerfish
Pleasing Flatworm
Plump Sea Cucumber
Polka Dot Phyllidia
Potter's Angelfish
Pronghorn Spiny Lobster
Purple Urchin Shrimp
Pyramid Butterflyfish
Pyrosoma atlanticum
Raccoon Butterflyfish
Radiant Sea Urchin
Rainbow Runner
Rare Longnose Butterflyfish [Big Longnose Butterflyfish]
Red Banded Lobster
Red Lizardfish [Reef Lizardfish]
Red Reef Lobster
Red Rock boring urchin [Needle-spined Urchin]
Red Slate Pencil Urchin
Red Swimming Crab
Red-Spot Comb Jelly
Red-Spotted Coral Crab [Rust-Spotted Guard Crab]
Red-Spotted Guard Crab
Redbarred Hawkfish
Redearth Pygmygoby
Redfin Butterflyfish
Redlip Parrotfish
Redspot Surgeonfish [Achilles Tang]
Redspotted Sandperch
Reef Chromis [Agile Chromis]
Reef Lizardfish
Reef Manta Ray
Reef Triggerfish [Wedgetail Triggerfish]
Regal Parrotfish
Reticulated Butterflyfish
Reticulated Cowry
Reticulated Hawaiian Hermit Crab [Hopper's Hermit Crab]
Reticulated Hinge-Beak Shrimp
Rice Coral
Ringed Sap-Sucking Slug
Ringtail Maori Wrasse [Ringtail Wrasse]
Ringtail Wrasse
Rockmover Wrasse
Rough Box Crab
Rough-Spined Urchin
Russet Angelfish [Potter's Angelfish]
Rust-Spotted Guard Crab
Rusty Guard Crab [Two Tooth Guard Crab]
Sabre Squirrelfish
Saddle Butterflyfish [Saddled Butterflyfish]
Saddle Wrasse
Saddled Butterflyfish
Saddled Snake Eel
Salpa maxima
Salpa spp.
Salt and pepper moray [Stout Moray Eel]
Sammara Squirrelfish [Spotfin Squirrelfish]
Sand Lizardfish [Clearfin Lizardfish]
Scaly Slipper Lobster [Blunt Slipper Lobster]
Scarlet Cleaner Shrimp [White-Banded Cleaner Shrimp]
Scarlet Frogfish [Freckled Frogfish]
Schooling Bannerfish
Scrawled Filefish
Sculptured Mitten Lobster [Sculptured Slipper Lobster]
Sculptured Slipper Lobster
Scythe Triggerfish
Sea Cucumber Swimming Crab
Sea Pearl
Sea Star Shrimp
Sea Thimble Jellyfish
Selenka's Sea Cucumber [Dragonfish Sea Cucumber]
Sessile Barnacles
Seurat's Hermit Crab [Whitebanded Hermit Crab]
Seven-Eleven Crab [Spotted Reef Crab]
Sexy Anemone Shrimp [Squat Anemone Shrimp]
Shingle Sea Urchin
Short-Finned Pilot Whale
Shortbodied Blenny [Leopard Blenny]
Shortfin Scorpionfish
Shortnose Wrasse
Shortnosed Unicornfish [Paletail Unicornfish]
Shoulderbar Goby
Shoulderbar Soldierfish [Epaulette Soldierfish]
Sidespot Goatfish
Skunk Cleaner Shrimp [White-Banded Cleaner Shrimp]
Sleek Unicornfish
Slender Lizardfish
Slingjaw Wrasse
Smalltail Wrasse
Smalltoothed Jobfish
Smooth Box Crab [Giant Box Crab]
Snowflake Coral [White Telesto]
Snowflake Moray Eel
Spanish Dancer
Speckled Butterflyfish
Speckled Scorpionfish
Speckled Sea Cucumber [Whitespotted Sea Cucumber]
Spider-eye Puffer [Ambon Toby]
Spinner Dolphin
Spiny Balloonfish [Balloonfish]
Splendid Pebble Crab
Splendid Red Spooner Crab [Splendid Pebble Crab]
Splendid Spooner [Splendid Pebble Crab]
Spot-Fin Porcupinefish [Porcupinefish]
Spotfin Squirrelfish
Spotted Boxfish
Spotted Eagle Ray
Spotted Linckia [Mottled Linckia]
Spotted Reef Crab
Spotted Sea Hare
Spotted Surgeonfish [Goldring Surgeonfish]
Spotted Unicornfish [Paletail Unicornfish]
Square-Spot Goatfish [Yellowstripe Goatfish]
Squat Anemone Shrimp
Stareye Parrotfish
Starry Coral Shrimp
Starry Moray [Snowflake Moray Eel]
Stars and Stripes Puffer [Whitespotted Puffer]
Stinging Hydroid [White Stinger]
Stocky Hawkfish [Marbled Hawkfish]
Stony Coral Ghostgoby
Stout Moray Eel
Striated Frogfish
Striated Wrasse [Disappearing Wrasse]
Stripebelly Puffer [Whitespotted Puffer]
Striped Bumblebee Shrimp
Striped Frogfish [Striated Frogfish]
Striped Ribbon Worm
Sunburst Butterflyfish [Blacklip Butterflyfish]
Sunset Wrasse
Surf Redfish [Whitespotted Sea Cucumber]
Surge Wrasse
Swallowtail Headshield Slugs
Swollen Phyllidia
Tahitian Squirrelfish [Blue Lined Squirrelfish]
Teardrop Butterflyfish
Teated Sea Cucumber
Teatfish [Teated Sea Cucumber]
Thornback Cowfish
Threadfin Butterflyfish
Threespot Chromis
Tiger Cowry
Tiger Flatworm
Tiger Reef Eel [Tiger Snake Moray Eel]
Tiger Snake Moray Eel
Tigertail Sea Cucumber [Light-Spotted Sea Cucumber]
Titan Scorpionfish
Tom Smith's Nudibranch
Toothy Moray [Indo-Pacific Viper Moray]
Topsail Chub
Triton's Trumpet
Tufted Spiny Lobster [Pronghorn Spiny Lobster]
Turkey moray [Whitemouth Moray Eel]
Two Tooth Guard Crab
Twosaddle Goatfish [Island Goatfish]
Twospot Lizardfish
Twospot Sandgoby
Twospot Wrasse
Undulated Moray Eel
Vagabond Boring Sponge
Variable Coral Crab [Convex Crab]
Variegated Lizardfish [Reef Lizardfish]
Venus Girdle
Warty Sea Cucumber [Dragonfish Sea Cucumber]
Wedgetail Triggerfish
West Indian furrow lobster [Red Banded Lobster]
Whale Shark
Whip Coral Goby [Wire Coral Goby]
White Eel [Hawaiian Conger Eel]
White Stinger
White Telesto
White-Banded Cleaner Shrimp
White-Margin Nudibranch
White-Margined Moray Eel
White-Striped Cleaner Shrimp [White-Banded Cleaner Shrimp]
White-Tipped Urchin [Pale Rock-Boring Urchin]
White-spotted Hermit Crab
Whitebanded Hermit Crab
Whitebanded Triggerfish [Picasso Triggerfish]
Whitebar Surgeonfish
Whitecheek Surgeonfish
Whiteline Triggerfish [Scythe Triggerfish]
Whitemouth Moray Eel
Whitepatch Razorfish
Whitesaddle Goatfish
Whitespotted Boxfish [Spotted Boxfish]
Whitespotted Puffer
Whitespotted Sea Cucumber
Whitetip Reef Shark
Whitetip soldierfish
Whitetongue Jack
Wire Coral Goby
Yellow Tang
Yellow-Brown Wrasse [Sunset Wrasse]
Yellow-Headed Moray Eel
Yellow-Spotted Guard Crab
Yellowblotch Razorfish [Whitepatch Razorfish]
Yellowedged Moray [Yellowmargin Moray Eel]
Yelloweye Filefish
Yelloweye Leatherjacket [Yelloweye Filefish]
Yellowfin Goatfish
Yellowfin Surgeonfish
Yellowmargin Moray Eel
Yellowstripe Coris
Yellowstripe Goatfish
Yellowtail Coris
Zebra Moray Eel